Photo Credit: NPR
Photo Credit: NPR

March Madness for Women’s Basketball

November 16, 2021

You may know March Madness from the NCAA Division of the men’s basketball tournament. It is a single elimination tournament in the spring that is currently played in the United States by 68 colleges. Recently, the description of March Madness has changed.

March Madness will now be used to describe the tournament for both men’s and women’s basketball. Starting this coming Spring, the NCAA Women’s basketball tournament will be branded as March Madness. This is all because the governing body for college sports had an outside firm come in and undertake a broader gender equity review. 

Why hasn’t it always been included for women as well? From the beginning of college basketball, inequality has been present against women. The difference in their weight rooms, logos, and looks of the court has always been apparent.

People still wonder if this will change anything for equality in college women’s basketball. Well, the tournament experience will change itself for the better.  These women will now have a better financial situation so that they can have a better experience for the NCAA tournament. 

Individual student athletes may benefit from this matter as well. Brands with which athletes have signed contracts may now be promoted on their social media platforms. Allowing women basketball players to use the language of “March Madness” could allow them to increase their popularity and profit from the sport. 

Why exactly did the NCAA agree to this? For one, it is positive publicity since they have recently been under fire for the same inequality situations. It seems as if the women’s basketball tournament showed more excitement to people than the men’s. The NCAA saw this and recognized it as a marketing and beneficial opportunity for March Madness. 

As you can see, this will have a big impact on a lot of things. For one, it will benefit the college women’s basketball league in many ways. The NCAA will be acknowledged for showing equality in the women’s league. They will also benefit from marketing as well. This also gave the student athletes opportunities to be freer in promoting brands they would like to work with. There are many good things coming out of this. The college women’s basketball league can finally rest happily knowing that they are finally getting what they have earned. 

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