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Ethan Kidwell, Writer

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It seems that the Artesian Ultimate team has only known success in the recent years. In the past three years, they placed first and third twice in the state tournament. This year, however, they are faced with the challenge of an inexperienced team. After eight seniors graduated last year, the team had to rebuild. Artesian Ultimate has three returning members and five new members this year. One of the new members this year is stepping up into a leadership role and is handling it very well. Junior Joey Markitan is one of the team’s two main handlers.

“This season is going pretty well, especially for having so many new people. I was used to watching my brothers play in the past and seeing them do well, and then for us to go out there this year… it surprised me how well we have been playing,” said Markitan.

Artesian Ultimate’s season started January 6, with a dominant 20-7 win over Decatur. Since that win, they continued running and now have a 3-1 record. Their games are held every Wednesday and the state tournament starts February 20th.

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Ethan Kidwell, Writer

Hi. My name is Ethan. I like to eat Poptarts. I think I'm a pretty cool dude so I hope you do too. :)


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  1. Keith Gray on March 11th, 2016 11:21 am


    Congratulations on this new Media Outlet! i say! Wow! has come a long way since i was a part of the Herald and Yearbook staffs in the late 60s and early 70s. Look forward to new editions in the future and keeping up on MHS happenings!

    Keith Gray

  2. adviser on March 14th, 2016 10:42 am

    Thanks, Keith! We’re glad you like it. We’re still learning the back end of the website, but we really like what doors it opens journalistically.

    Keep checking the site out as we try to get content up on a weekly basis.

    Brad Perry

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