Freaky Friday Is Back!

April 5, 2022

As the school year comes to an end, so do many great things. After a couple of long months, the “Freaky Friday” column is back with even more fire. Author Lucy Hall helps take over the Freaky Friday column as Vincentia Thatcher graduates, leaving her legacy behind with Lucy. 

“I absolutely love horror and I am more than thrilled to be taking over the column,” Lucy says after being asked how she feels.

Many know that the “Freaky Friday” column is over miscellaneous myths and legends, conspiracy theories, and other horror concerns. It is a well-known part of Breaking Blue that broke down and explains past events or conspiracies that people may have concerns about.

Lucy Hall, the new writer for “Freaky Friday”, is deeply interested in anything that includes horror, myths, and/or legends. She was extremely excited to be given this opportunity when Ms. Thatcher agreed to let her take over. “I have no time to write right now, and I didn’t want the column to just die after three stories,” says Thatcher. 

Some things never come to an end and instead start a new beginning. So the adventure starts as “Freaky Friday” comes back to life.

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