Secretary of State Election

What You Need to Know about the Secretary of State Election

April 15, 2022


2022 is the first election for Secretary of State this decade. This election is big and will be the most expensive one since 2002. But why is this major election not very well known?

Background Information

Indiana’s Secretary of State position has some special jobs that most people don’t know about. This includes the Secretary of State being in charge of regulation of auto dealerships, to overseeing the securities industry and managing the business services division. 

One of the most important duties the Secretary of State has, though, is being Chief Elections Officer. This might be important because of the seriousness of this duty and keeping our state safe from voting fraud. 

Only 38 states elect their Secretary of State; the other 12 are appointed. Indiana votes for its Secretary of State. Most people do not know much, if anything, about this election. This mainly has to do with how the position works at a federal level, where it is appointed and not elected, unlike at the state level. 


Knowing the candidates of an election is major, and knowing not just their political beliefs but what they stand for too. The candidates will be listed with a picture first and then their name. 

Holli Sullivan (R)

Holli Sullivan is a conservative incumbent for Secretary of State. Sullivan is a parent of three children and is married. She states on her campaign website that some major values are “Defending Indiana’s Elections, Keeping Government Small, and Fighting For Our Values.”

Destiny Scott Wells (D)

Veteran Destiny S. Wells was previously Deputy Attorney General for the state of Indiana. She and her husband, Ltc. Oliver, have two sons. She is from Martinsville, Indiana.  She grew up in a blue-collar family of eight-generation farmers. She believes that every voice deserves to be heard, no matter their zip code, to “safeguard” the republic.

Jeff Maurer  (L)

Jeff Maurer lives in Carmel, Indiana. He has three major beliefs; getting confirmation of votes, fair redistricting, and growing businesses by shrinking government.

Kyle Conrad (R)

Not much information was found about Kyle Conrad, except his political party. 

Diego Morales (R) 

Diego Morales used to work in the military and is from Clark County.

Closing Thoughts 

Some of the candidates have started socially campaigning, while others have not. This race is supposed to reach over $800,000, making it the most expensive by far since 2002. 

People are leading in this election, while others have fallen behind at the beginning. This will create front-runners in this election. Right now the front-runners look like they are Holli Sullivan, Destiny Scott Wells, and Jeff Maurer. 

Election day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Exercise your freedom to vote with some education to make sure the person you elect represents you, and more importantly Indiana, in the best way possible. 

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