Good First Jobs for Teens

April 15, 2022

Everyone always wants to make money, no matter their age. While most kids start out doing things like lemonade stands or receiving allowances, as we grow, a job that is reasonable and makes more money is way more appealing. So what could these future jobs be? What are some even if you don’t have your license yet? Well, here you can find out some of both.


Non-driving jobs-

  • If you live in a neighborhood, babysitting can be a great option for you! There wouldn’t be driving needed (in most cases) and you would probably already have a reputation with the people within the area. 
  • For an at-home job, you could be a web designer or any digital job really. As long as you have wifi, internet, and good computer skills, this job would be perfect for you.
  • A dog walker would also be perfect if you live in a neighborhood. Along with a side of fresh air and cute pets, you would also make good money.
  • Pet sitting is another option. It is much less stressful than taking care of an infant or kid and would show off your responsibility.


Traveling jobs-

  • You could be a tutor and meet up to help those that need the extra help. If you academically excel in one subject, why not spread your knowledge?
  • Restaurant jobs or fast food are other good options to consider. Though shifts can be long and you would need gas, the paycheck is worth it.
  • Being a camp counselor in the summer would be great if you have patience and lots of energy. You get a very social experience and it’s perfect for those who are extroverts!
  • Have decent swimming skills? Be a lifeguard! This job is pretty easy to find at a YMCA or park pool.
  • Working at a grocery store, whether that is being a cashier or a restocker, should be something to consider too. This job is (usually) always hiring.
  • Landscaping and lawn work is a good hard-working job. 
  • Fast food delivery is an excellent job for those with a good sense of direction. You can enjoy music on your way to stops and have your own time to yourself.
  • Getting a referee license is easy to do online. Games, depending on the sport, (usually) pay well.
  • Being a caddy is an easy going job. While fetching golf balls and helping around the golf course, you can be outside in nice weather.


No matter your experience in any field, these jobs can help you expand onto bigger and greater jobs; along with gaining lots of valuable experience.

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