What You’d Feel as My Shirt- Poetry

April 15, 2022

Well, I’d put you on around six forty-five AM. I know. I hate getting up early, but I have priorities. 

Maybe you’d be a sweater or just a T-shirt. Maybe you’d be a button-up if I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, for school anyway.

I would probably end up wiping the leftover makeup off my fingers and onto you at some point. I can’t put on mascara without getting it on my fingers or the bottle.

It’s 7:13 AM, and I’m getting ready to walk to school. So, let’s fast-forward to my first class. I know that’s an oddly specific time, but I always leave a few minutes early. 


My first period is Honors English. I enjoy English; it’s a nice class. 

You would feel my chest shake when I laugh at my classmate’s remarks and the teacher’s replies. If we had time to read in class you would more than likely feel my shoulders relax. 

In fact, you’d probably feel my whole body relax. In my opinion, reading brings you to this whole new world full of imagination and a sense of serenity. 

During the passing period, you would feel my shoulders tense back up. There are always so many people in the hallway and I’m constantly wondering if they’re judging me or what they’re thinking of me. I care way too much about what others think. 


My second period is Algebra. I really like math and I think I’m pretty good at it. 

You’d feel me laugh all throughout class. My confidence would touch you here and there, mainly when I help friends with questions. 

I always listen to music during my second passing period. You’d feel the breeze pass through you when I walk past people in the hallway.


My third period is band class. I love this class but it grates on my nerves sometimes.

You would feel the worry about playing the wrong note tugging on my shoulders.

You would feel my laughter, once again, only at the beginning of class, though. 


My fourth period is Business and it’s split into two parts. We go to lunch halfway through class.

You would feel the awkwardness all around me, I don’t talk to anyone in that class. 

During lunch, I basically just scroll through TikTok and talk to the other people at my table. 

You’d feel me laugh a lot and you might even feel my stomach silently give its thanks for the food. 

The second half of fourth period is usually independent work time. You would feel the awkwardness hanging on my shoulders once again. 


My fifth period is basically just a study hall and it’s only thirty minutes.

You’d feel the pressure and heat every time my best friend gave me a hug.

You’d feel my chest shake from me laughing at the funny things said during class. 


My 6th period class is publications and it’s by far my favorite class. 

You’d feel the imagination and creativity flow through me.

You’d also feel the excitement growing stronger and stronger because the end of the day is near. 


From afar, you might think a shirt is just a shirt.

But when you give it a more meaningful look, you’ll find that shirts experience a lot more than you think. 

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