Fun of Fall

May 24, 2022

Every season of the year has its perks and activities. Fall, however, in my opinion has the best seasonal fun. What’s not to like with all of the pretty colors, tasty food, and holidays all in one season?

The weather is perfect for sports practice since it’s not too hot or cold. I always enjoy my soccer games in the fall because I don’t get overheated. Plus, NFL games are on television too and are fun to watch. 

All of the holidays make this one of the best seasons, too. There is Thanksgiving, which I love because I get to see my family in other states and I get to enjoy my Nana’s blackberry pie. Halloween is also a fun time for carving pumpkins, watching scary movies with friends, and handing candy out to the little kids. The breaks that come with these holidays are pretty sweet.

The Fall foliage in Martinsville is also something that I look forward to. The Candy Kitchen makes delicious caramel apples during this time. Apple orchards are open and tasty cider is for sale. My friends and I have made lots of fun memories over the years going to the Fall Foliage, which adds to this being my favorite season. 

To add fun in the fall, nature is also super beautiful. The orange, red, and yellow leaves are always so pretty on the trees, and just look better overall. The square of downtown Martinsville looks amazing with the colorful leaves everywhere. 

Though the other seasons have plenty of other fun things to do and see, it’s safe to say that fall will always be my favorite one. With the options to spend time with family and friend

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