First Time Voting Expierience

May 24, 2022

My 18th birthday brought me a load of new experiences, one of them being the ability to vote. I had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, as I saw the major effect that voting has on a community. That being said, I felt that voting allowed me to make a difference in my community, and I began my journey into the voting process.

First, I had to register to vote online at I had to provide my driver’s license number and social security number in order to efficiently register. From there, I was able to go to the polls in my community and vote for leaders who I thought would do a great job guiding the members of my town. 

On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, I voted in the primary election for my community at the Purdue Extension Office in Martinsville. When I walked into the building, I was kind of nervous because it was my first time taking part in the voting process, but I quickly overcame my fears and felt a rush of excitement. 

I presented my driver’s license and had it scanned by the receptionist at the table who was checking people in. Once my license was scanned, I had to choose which party I was affiliated with. The party options were displayed on a computer screen in front of me, and I chose the Democratic party after doing my research on what party most aligned with my beliefs. 

After I chose my affiliation party, I was directed to a machine where I had to vote. The machine was older and did not have a touchscreen, which I was not used to. There were buttons along the side that you pressed to cast your vote. I voted for a majority of Democratic leaders in Morgan County. When I was finished voting, I pressed a big red button located underneath the rest of the buttons to lock in my vote. 

Leaving the polls, I felt a sense of accomplishment; but more importantly, I felt happy to serve my community and was glad to fulfill my civic responsibility. Overall, my first experience voting was one that I will never forget.

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