Amazing Books to Read and Games to Play

May 24, 2022

There are so many good books out there that range from dystopian fiction to thrillers, and we will give you a list of said books.

The Hunger Games is an amazing series with four books. It’s a dystopian fiction about a girl named Katniss Everdeen, who was put in a life or death competition to save her sister. Due to this, she went from being impoverished to being a celebrity. The Hunger Games is a moving series that will enlighten your life.

The Harry Potter series has eight books. It is a story about a young boy who lived with his relatives after his parents were killed when he was a year old. When he turned eleven, he found out that he was a wizard and began his incredible journey into the world of magic. The Harry Potter series is an amazing series that you can easily get lost in. 

The Throne of Glass is another series with eight books. It’s about a girl named Celaena who is an assassin. She is taken from imprisonment in a royal castle where she finds out the dark truth about what has been happening in their world. The Throne of Glass series is a wonderful series that is full of mysteries and twists. 

The Special Ones is a thriller book about Esther who is trapped on a farm with three other people. They are forced to act a certain part for a mysterious cult leader who watches and broadcasts them to the entire world. If they do not play their part, they are punished. The Special Ones is an amazing thriller story that will keep you on your toes until the very end.

Don’t Look Back is a murder mystery about a girl named Samantha. She and her best friend disappeared one day and when she returned she could not remember anything. It is a roller coaster of emotions as she figures out what happened to her and who killed her best friend. Don’t Look Back is a book that has an amazing twist that you will never see coming. 

#Murdertrending is dystopian fiction about a live stream where the most dangerous criminals are sent to an island and are tortured in various ways. The main character, Dee Guerrera, was wrongly put on the island. With the help of the rest of the Death Row Breakfast Club, she uncovers the truth about the island. #Murdertrending is a book that is very confusing at the beginning, but as you read it you start to understand more of what is happening. 

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls is a story about a girl named June who starts investigating her friend’s death. After talking with Delia’s ex-boyfriend, June wonders if Delia’s death was suicide or murder. Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls is a story that might lead you to tears because of how beautifully written it is. 

The Flowers in the Attic is a series about a mother and her kids who have to move in with the mother’s parents after the death of her husband. The kids are immediately taken to the attic and locked in there by the evil grandmother. The author, V.C Andrews, has written multiple series that are like The Flowers in the Attic. The Flowers in the Attic is an older book but it still has a lot of heart to it. 

One of Us is Lying is a book full of twists and turns. It is a story about four kids, Simon, Bronwyn, Addy, and Cooooper, ending up in detention after their teacher caught them with phones in their backpacks. Yet, the phones didn’t belong to them and they don’t know how they got there. A little while later, Simon ends up having an allergic reaction to the water he was drinking. Now, Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Copper have to work together to prove themselves innocent and figure out who killed Simon. One of Us is Lying is a story that will keep you up all night because you will not be able to put it down until you finish it. 

There are many great stories out in the world. This is just a short list of some good books to read.

If you don’t like reading, games are a good alternative. 

Sally Face is a game by Steve Gabry/Portable Moose about a teenage boy moving into a new town and apartment complex. When he arrives, he is immediately greeted by suspicious activity and investigates only to learn he is living in a cultist town with an entire government out to get him. He investigates this cult only to be eliminated in the end, but it continues.

Night in the Woods is a game about a college student drop-out who comes home to her hometown to cause some trouble. She joins her friends band and she’s a menace to society until she faces the reality of the state of her town and gets wrapped up in incredibly creepy activity in the woods.

The Borderlands series consists of multiple games where they’ve all got a 3D comic-book art style. These games are very fun to play as they are all shooter games following one big story.

Doki Doki Literature Club is a psychological horror game about you, the main character, joining a club per request by your childhood best friend. Over time in this club, you get closer to one of the girls until you watch them all drop dead like flies and can’t do anything about it until you are alone with one girl, Monika. 

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror series about being a night guard for an unstable pizzeria restaurant chain with robotic animated characters. This game is very popular so I don’t believe I need to elaborate the description any further.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a horror game following the Resident Evil series. The game is about a man named Ethan Winters getting an email from his wife, detailing her location after 3 years of being kidnapped. Once he arrives, he has to fight to get her back.  

Resident Evil 8: Village is a continuation of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, After Ethan and his wife Mia have a child. Mia is shot down and his newborn baby, Rosemary, is taken away and he has to go searching for her after escaping the spun-out van on a snowy trail in a very lonely part of their country. 

Raymand Legends is a fun little cartoon style game with parkour and racing, that’s it. The game is super fun because it is multiplayer, so you and your friends can play on the same device. You can rescue a little colony of villagers or you can race, the art style and music make this game very intriguing with different styles for every new map you play.

This is a fun list of different books and games you can spend time on in summer and not regret.

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