Kid Gets Dragged a Mile on a Bus

May 25, 2022

Newsweek stated in 2015, that a 6-year-old girl was dragged over 1,000 feet after getting her backpack stuck in the doors of her school bus. She ended up with severe damage from being dragged through the dirt roads.

According to Twitter, “The child suffered nerve damage, PTSD, and has undergone multiple surgeries.” She ended up getting extremely hurt just because the bus driver had not been paying attention. 

Newsweek stated, “They did not even notice she was out there till the bus driver had looked beside her even though the little girl was screaming and banging on the side of the bus.” There were even multiple kids on the bus and at least one of them should have noticed. 

In the video, it is clear that the bus driver had been distracted by a male on the bus that was standing up, and only noticed the little girl when she went to look behind her to pull forward the guy who was standing up. 

Newsweek stated, “according to a report from WPSD, prosecutors have accused Sanders of breaking 16 rules bus drivers must follow to ensure the safety of children on board.” 

The bus driver in question seemed to have not been charged with anything from this incident. According to WDRB.Com, “She was fired from the district.” So it seems the most that happened was she was fired. 

Another situation similar to this happened In 2021 when a little girl’s foot got caught in the doors of her bus as she was getting off. She was dragged through the street for nearly 30 seconds before the bus driver noticed her. 

Even though she was screaming and trying to get the bus driver’s attention, the bus driver did not seem to notice and continued to drive until he got to the next stop where he finally noticed her and went to help her.

It was clear in the video that the bus driver had decided to close the doors way too early since the girl was on the last step when he started to close them. The reason she ended up getting her foot caught was that she had tried to get off the bus even though the doors were closing. 

Though this whole situation was not the little girl’s fault; the bus driver should have waited until she was fully off the bus until he closed the doors. The only reason she escaped with few injuries was that she had a backpack on and it took most of the blow. 

There was also a woman who sat near the doors that closed on the little girl and noticed the noise, but she decided to ignore it. She even looked out the window multiple times and didn’t notice the little girl hanging on for dear life. 

These are not the only reports that have happened. There have been multiple other situations similar to this which have happened to other kids. 

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