Beauty Of Nature

May 25, 2022

Nature itself is one of the most beautiful things that make up this world. It’s innocent, pure, peaceful, full of life, and sweet. With its scenery, it can make people feel many emotions such as happiness, calmness, peacefulness, blissfulness, and joy. People can also feel relaxed and relieved.

Also, nature shows the beauty of the world and its things. From sunrise, sunset, starry night, and full moon, no matter the hour, nature is stellar. 

Thriving forests, wheat and lavender fields swaying in the wind, lakes sparkling, creaks rushing, clouds fading, sunsets, northern lights fluorescent, forests calm, and valleys of tall grass. 

Unique seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Icicles dripping, sun shining off the glistening sparkly white snow. Leaves blowing in the wind. Flowers, clovers, baby fawns, birds chirping in the morning hour, fish swimming in the ocean. The foliage of colorful leaves on the ground.

Rainbows, rain, snow, hail, sunshine, clouds, eclipses.

Ecosystems with unique special animals. Bees on flowers, polar bears in the snow, snakes.

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