A new home away from home

May 25, 2022

Every year students are leaving high school, and new ones come in. MHS “Student Publications” team had a plethora of students that came in and out of the program. Each of them left their mark on the students. All seniors had a positive impact on the rest of the class. They brought a sense of ease to stressful situations. Whether they gave you constructive criticism or helped you learn how to correctly phrase a sentence, they leave behind a legacy that will soon be picked up by the current juniors.

When you’re going into college, you’re leaving behind the life you once knew, starting over, and being away from those you know and love. It could be difficult to turn over a new leaf. At first, some are nervous about starting a new chapter of their lives, while others are jubilant and more ready than ever. While these differences are small, they all end in the same way.

Piper Henson and Emma Gonzalez are two graduating seniors who are going to Indiana University. They have been best friends since the seventh grade, and have been inseparable since; they even became college roommates. “I’m gonna wait a year before I try out for cheer at IU so it can prepare me,” says Emma Gonzalez. When you’re in high school, you aren’t afraid to do the things you love because you’re young and fearless. Once you reach college, however, it can hold you back from those things because you’re afraid you might not fit in. 

Madelyn Stantz is a Martinsville High School 2022 graduate who is attending Purdue University. While she’s away at college, she’s going to study agricultural business and communications. Madelyn chose Purdue because “It has a really good reputation for their agriculture program and it has a lot of opportunities there for me to grow, not only as a person but in my career as well.” When the 2022-2023 school year starts, she plans on participating in Purdue University Dance Marathon and Purdue University Agriculture Ambassadors. 

Kaycee Littell is graduating from Martinsville Highschool this year and is going to attend Indiana University. Kaycee has attended many IU events throughout her lifetime and it has been a big part of her family since birth. She plans on majoring in photojournalism or education. College is a very exciting part of life. It’s a sign that you’re all grown up and have to learn how to do things on your own. This is one of the things that Kaycee is excited for: “I’m excited to be able to live on my own and experience things for the first time, like being able to shower without having your sister in the room next to you.” She is also excited about continuing her Dance Marathon career and internship opportunities. 

Many college students have had the experience and understanding that it isn’t gonna be a walk in the park. When you apply for a college, that means you are growing apart from many things by making a commitment of a lifetime. “College can be very stressful, but once you get into the flow of things it will all fall into place!” Says an anonymous college student, “You also don’t have to figure yourself out at the beginning, give yourself some time.”

“Don’t wait to apply because early enrollment will help you get scholarships and gives a lot of advantages which apply in general and don’t get the same invitations. I get invited to an IU baseball game and a lot of general people did it”

“When you are deciding where you want to go to college, trust your gut and still know what you want to do by letting yourself learn a lot about who you are. It is the time when you can really focus on who you are as a person and in the end, that’s something that is very important.”

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