The Sea

May 25, 2022


I don’t think it’s even possible to describe the feeling that the waves, the sand, and the wind in your hair can give to you.

One of my favorite places in the world, ever, is the sea and what is the best season to take advantage of, if not the summer? 

Our wonderful planet gave us spectacular landscapes and places to go to. 

If I can advise a place it would be the beach.  There are a bunch of things that you can do at the beach: swim in the water, go on a boat, play beach volleyball, play cards, make new friends, get tan and eat good fish.  You can never get bored and your heart will be full of life and love. 

Just think about going on a boat. It seems like flying on water, with the wind that touches your hair. You look at the blue sky, and some birds are flying through the air on the verge of water. 

You follow them, thinking about how different the world is and all the beauty that it contains. Then your eyes look back at the water and they catch the light that the sun reflects on it. You slowly close your eyes and open your arms, feeling the wind all around your body. You are flying, you are free, you are happy.

If I could choose my paradise, the sea would be it.

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