Volunteer Opportunities in Martinsville Indiana

March 7, 2023

Volunteering locally and playing a charitable role in your community can help you to gain a newfound sense of fulfillment. Martinsville currently is in need of willing volunteers in order to maintain our growing community. If you are willing and capable, the time to begin volunteering is now.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace, or SHP, is a volunteer organization that builds and delivers proper beds to children who are in need. SHP hosts communal build days that are dedicated to building the framework for the beds, and these require no prior skillset. Participants also can volunteer to deliver the beds to the homes. Although this nonprofit welcomes all kinds of people who are willing to help out, all minors volunteering are required to be accompanied by a legal adult. If you are not able to offer your presence, you also could donate bedding, money, or materials. They are currently accepting volunteers, so if you feel inclined, make a point to visit their website: https://shpbeds.org/chapter/in-martinsville/ 

The Morgan County Humane Society is dedicated to finding homes for lost or abandoned animals. They have received approximately 1150 animals this year alone, and the number keeps growing every day. The humane society needs lots of help in order to maintain things such as laundry and cleaning, animal care, and their office workspace. Potential volunteers have the opportunity to apply on their website: https://www.mchumanesoc.org/ 

Habitat for Humanity of Morgan County builds affordable housing for anyone who qualifies for a Habitat house. Their mission not only involves the well-being of our citizens, but it also concerns the climate as well. The small mortgage that homeowners pay back to the organization goes towards maintaining habitats in the wilderness. Volunteers have varying roles throughout the organization. Some volunteer roles include construction, donations, development, and family services. If you feel strongly about this cause, consider applying to contribute: https://morgancountyhabitat.org/

The Hoosier Hikers Council is a nonprofit that values the outdoor trails of Indiana. There are multiple ways that you can volunteer through this organization. Their Adopt-a-Trail program allows you to be responsible for maintaining one to three miles of a trail. These trails range from Morgan to Monroe county. If you aren’t ready for the commitment of adopting a trail, you can also attend the trail building and maintenance events. These events occur once a month and require no prior experience. The organization hosts biannual trail races that require some extra help as well. Volunteers can sign up to provide food and drinks, or they can be responsible for directing participants during the race. If you are interested, consider visiting their website and contacting the organization: https://www.hoosierhikerscouncil.org/ 

These nonprofit organizations rely on their volunteers in order to carry out their missions, and willing participants are in high demand. Consider your position in the community, and how you are able to contribute to it for the better. Martinsville will remain thankful for the people who have worked to better our community. 

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