The Retro Game Comeback

The Retro Game Comeback

Hearing about someone playing an older game in 2023 may surprise the average person. It is not every day someone asks their friend what they are playing and they respond with, “Oh, I am playing Duck Hunt!” You might be a bit confused or not even know of the game. Despite being old, these games are making a comeback, or even receiving new updates and remakes. This fuels the nostalgia that kids of the past generation (now adults) feel while playing their old favorite games again in this new generation of ultra-realistic gaming.


Looking back on what may now be regarded as the ‘good old days’, the younger generations may see a shabby old video game that is completely outdated. That same older generation that played the games, however, sees them as their childhood. Back then, they felt like the ultra-realistic games of today, with the best graphics on the market.


This is not to be confused with the idea that older kids and adults are the only ones who enjoy the games, though, as many younger teens are hopping onto the trend and experiencing what it was like to play these games. From The Legend of Zelda to Final Fantasy, younger audiences want to experience these older video games for themselves.


According to a public study on Generation Z by ExpressVPN, 79% of respondents take part in playing some form of retro video game(s). Modern platforms such as TikTok, show teens playing games like the original Doom from 1993. Other games making a comeback include World of Warcraft, Earthbound, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pac-Man.


Given that these games are older, you must find the right console or tech to play them. Considering the world we live in today and our access to the internet, you can typically find old games online. They may come in the form of old game cartridges, .exe files, or  sometimes can be included with the console when it comes to models like the “Atari 2600.”


Other old consoles include: “Nintendo NES,” “Sega Genesis,” “PlayStation 1-3,”, the original “Xbox,” including the second and third, and the “Wii”. Here’s an interesting fact: the “Wii and “PlayStation 3” came out two days apart.

While these consoles are usually cheaper nowadays, ensure you know what you are buying. Keep in mind what game you want to play and make sure the console you get (if you go that route) is compatible with the cartridge (or disc) and that it is for that specific console, in case of situations like multiple models of “PlayStation.” As long as you do the research, your gaming experience will be like that of a kid decades ago. Happy gaming!

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