Riley Skojac


Emily Hankins, Writer

To have dedication, you must have motivation. To have motivation, you must have something to strive for. We all have motivation to do something, whether it’s studying for a test or beating your personal best in weight lifting class. Senior Riley Skojac has done what it takes to keep himself motivated.

“I want to do more for not only myself, but for my friends and family as well,” Skojac said.

Skojac has played both basketball and baseball ever since he was four years old. Keeping his long streak alive, he participates in both sports here at Martinsville High School. He is dedicated in both practices and games. Always putting forth his best effort, regardless of the circumstances. Skojac has the dedication, determination, and motivation to be successful in life.

But Skojac isn’t all hung up on how much game time he gets. He focuses on his grades just as any student athlete should. He makes sure that he puts as much effort into his school work as he does on the court, if not more. He has the pressure of taking on an internship as well as several AP classes,but school work is just another thing added on to the list.

Working is another task that Skojac faces alongside sports and grades. Skojac works thirty hours a week at Subway and still manages to keep his grades up and attend practice after school every day.

“It’s tough to juggle everything that I have going on, but that is what is expected of me by my parents,” said Skojac.

Skojac has his years after high school planned and ready to be put into action. Skojac plans on getting a degree in aeronautical engineering at Purdue University while doing Air Force ROTC, a college based training officer program for training commission officers of the United States Air Force. After college, he plans to retire from the air force as an engineer.