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Abortion Laws

Charity Shepherd, Writer May 17, 2022

For the past 50 years, the right for women to have an abortion has been a constant battle. More recently, many states have passed bills making it illegal to provide and/or receive an abortion. On January...

Mental Health Plagues College Athletics

Mental Health Plagues College Athletics

Madelyn Stantz, Writer May 16, 2022

Picture this. You are a high school athlete, putting in countless hours of hard work and dedication to your sport. At the end of your high school career, you are granted the opportunity to play college...

Toddler Shooting

Toddler Shooting

Peyton Parker May 1, 2022

A 2-year-old boy unintentionally shot his 4-year-old sister on Tuesday, April 6. The two toddlers were sitting in a parked car at a gas station in Chester, Pennsylvania, at around 10:45 a.m., when disaster...

Appointed Justice Ketanji  Brown Jacksons White House Portrait.


May 1, 2022
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the Supreme Court. She is the first black woman justice, but will she bring equality?
Staircase Captive

Staircase Captive

Peyton Parker, Writer April 18, 2022

Staircase Captive   Paislee Joann Shultis, a six-year-old who went missing in 2019, was found on Monday, February 14, 2022. Paislee was found within the settlement of Saugerties, NY, three hours...

The Reason Behind Rising Gas Prices

The Reason Behind Rising Gas Prices

Drew Nesbit, Writer April 18, 2022

In recent months, the surge in gasoline prices has been apparent to every driver. Global Petrol Prices reported the United States average raised up to $5 per gallon. This has become an inconvenience to...

Educators visit the Indiana State House for a rally over HB 1134.

What Was House Bill 1134?

Drew Nesbit & Hayley Jeffries, Writers April 18, 2022

How would House Bill 1134 have changed the future of Indiana’s education?  HB 1134 covered areas of public education that authorized parental involvement. The Indiana House of Representatives passed...

Will Smith resigns from acting academy

Will Smith resigns from acting academy

Steven Johnson, Writer April 15, 2022

At the Oscars on April 3, 2022 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Will Smith walked out of his seat, stepped onto the stage, and slapped Chris Rock across the face. To some, it was a minor incident, but to...

Global Warming is Real

Global Warming is Real

Naomi Robinson, Writer April 15, 2022

Global warming is a pretty controversial topic and some people don’t believe in it, but it is real and is a serious issue. You may be wondering, “What even causes climate change?” or “Should I...

14 Year Old Falls Off Ride

14 Year Old Falls Off Ride

Ava Hess, Writer April 15, 2022

Unfortunate events occurred at Icon Park on March 24, as authorities got a heartbreaking call that would soon affect many people across the country.  A young, fourteen year old boy named Tyre Sampson...

Secretary of States Duties shown in photos

Secretary of State Election

Cameron Gee April 15, 2022

  Introduction 2022 is the first election for Secretary of State this decade. This election is big and will be the most expensive one since 2002. But why is this major election not very well...

Illinois Welcomes Cubs - World’s Most Endangered Big Cat

Illinois Welcomes Cubs – World’s Most Endangered Big Cat

Addy Berry, writer April 5, 2022

March 7, 2022, was a special day at Niabi Zoo in Illinois with the birth of two thriving Amur leopard cubs. With there being less than a hundred of these big cats left in the wild, these new cubs will...

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