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Social Media and its Lasting Impact on Teenagers

Social Media and its Lasting Impact on Teenagers

Gracelyn Teague March 7, 2023

Today's teenagers are the first among many other generations to have experienced the effects of social media, and this has left room for lots of error. The first social media website was launched in 1997,...

A’s in Neurodiversity

A’s in Neurodiversity

Angelo Gee February 15, 2023
ADHD, ASD, and GAD, people who live with these are called lazy, immature, running like a motor, and the list goes on. While showing one or more symptoms does not mean a person has it; a person exhibiting symptoms might want to ask a medical professional who specializes in one of these disorders/illnesses.  
Graphic by: Katherine Jackson

Anti-feminist Dress Code

Flavie Giraud, Writer November 3, 2022

Being a girl in this world is so hard because we are judged all the time about our body, our behavior, and our clothes. Too many women are assaulted during their lives. For example, 81% of women reported...

Bob Harmon Returns to MHS

Bob Harmon Returns to MHS

AJ Harmon, Photographer May 26, 2022

This past month, the MHS guidance department had an old face appear. That man was Mr. Bob Harmon, and he had been retired for 12 years before returning to his old stomping grounds.  Mr. Harmon retired...

Summer Fun

Addy Berry, Writer May 25, 2022

Summer is what most kids look forward to a blissful two-month break from school. While kids may be out, their parents probably aren’t, aside from family vacations. So how can you spend your summer? Well,...

Next Level Binging

Steven Johnson, Writer May 25, 2022

Sometimes we stress about life all day to the point where we are about to blow up. It can be pretty painful dealing with the weight of our problems. A lot of people love getting home after a long day at...

Coke VS Pepsi

Cassy Berry, Writer May 25, 2022

  When it comes to soda, people can be very picky and opinionated. Some feel strongly for, or against, a certain soda brand. One of the biggest debates people have is whether Coke or Pepsi is better. Coke...

Beat Of Your Own Drum

Cameron Gee, Writer May 24, 2022

Mental health is a critical part of teen life. Teenagers are introduced to a lot of new emotions, but some are negative. Some teenagers do not know how to handle these emotions. One simple, and often overlooked,...

Amazing Books to Read and Games to Play

Noel Dickinson & Abby Parker, Writers May 24, 2022

There are so many good books out there that range from dystopian fiction to thrillers, and we will give you a list of said books. The Hunger Games is an amazing series with four books. It’s a dystopian...

Twitter Takeover

Camden Wolff, Photographer May 24, 2022

With Elon Musk being worth $219 billion dollars, it’s safe to say he has a pretty big budget; enough to run a space company and just casually buy Twitter. Yes, that's right. Out of nowhere, Musk dropped...

Save The Trees!

Naomi Robinson, Writer May 24, 2022

Trees are a very important part of the world. They are beautiful plants with many different species and they are home to millions of animals. Trees do many things to help the climate and environment, but...

First Time Voting Expierience

Kaycee Littel, Writer May 24, 2022

My 18th birthday brought me a load of new experiences, one of them being the ability to vote. I had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, as I saw the major effect that voting has on a community....

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