Breaking Blue

Paydin Baker, Maggie Watkins, and Piper Henson line up to watch the football game.

History Behind Football Homecoming

Taylor Goss, Writer October 6, 2023

The history behind homecoming originates from football games held at colleges, universities, and high schools since around the 19th century. Many schools, including Southwestern, Baylor, and Illinois,...

Social Media and its Lasting Impact on Teenagers

Social Media and its Lasting Impact on Teenagers

Gracelyn Teague March 7, 2023

Today's teenagers are the first among many other generations to have experienced the effects of social media, and this has left room for lots of error. The first social media website was launched in 1997,...

Musical Taking on Middle Schoolers

Megan Johnson, Writer February 28, 2023

The musical is something people look forward to every year, but this year comes with a little twist. The new choir teacher and drama club sponsor, Mr. Samarzea, is taking over and he’s introducing something...

W.E.L.L. Wednesday Schedule

Wonderful W.E.L.L. Wednesdays

Hayley Jeffries and Gracelyn Teague September 15, 2022

The debate over school start times has been an ongoing issue for a while, and difficult issues require creative solutions. On July 13, 2022, the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville got approved...

Photo taken by Cameron Gee

Artesians Attack

Lucy J Hall and Hailey Huser September 8, 2022

This year, Martinsville High School has a new principal, Jeff Bell. Since he has been here, he has been very open about his ideas for hyping up the student body, including his Artesians Attack plan. In...

A new home away from home

Steven Johnson and Naomi Robinson May 25, 2022

Every year students are leaving high school, and new ones come in. MHS “Student Publications” team had a plethora of students that came in and out of the program. Each of them left their mark on the...

Thank You MHS

Madelyn Stantz, Writer May 24, 2022

Four years ago, I walked into the front doors at Martinsville High School for the first time as a high school student. Passing through the lobby and heading to my first class, I thought to myself, “this...

First Time Voting Expierience

Kaycee Littel, Writer May 24, 2022

My 18th birthday brought me a load of new experiences, one of them being the ability to vote. I had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, as I saw the major effect that voting has on a community....

Fun Summer Ideas

Demaree Publow, Writer May 24, 2022

The end of the school year is right around the corner and that means summer! Children and teens get a break from working on homework and projects, to relaxing in the sun and hanging out with friends. A...

Anime Club on the bus ride back from a fantastic anime.

Trip to the Movies

Noel Dickinson April 15, 2022

On Sunday, April 3rd, the Anime Club went on a field trip to watch Princess Mononoke. I was able to interview the other people who went on this trip to get their opinion on the movie.    The...

JAG Mock interviews

JAG Mock interviews

Addy Berry and Steven Johnson April 15, 2022

On Tuesday, March 29, 2022, Jobs for American Graduates (JAG) held a mock interview session for the current juniors and seniors at Martinsville High School. JAG mock interviews are held in 38 states and...

Oliver Deakin proudly holds transgender flag.

Good Allies 101

Angelo Gee and Steven Johnson March 31, 2022

“My name’s Simon, and I am just like you, except I have one massive secret. Nobody knows I am gay,” states Simon, from the movie Love Simon. Not everyone has a safe and accessible place when coming...

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