Breaking Blue

A person holds their hand out, trying to keep from getting the Coronavirus.

Corona Virus Closes Schools

Shelby Craig, Writer March 13, 2020

Corona is headed our way, and the students and teachers at Martinsville High School are doing their best to prepare for the worst. In these last few days, the sickness has been getting progressively worse,...

Miles Anderson is holding his Athlete of the Month Award.

Miles Anderson

Maggie Coffey, Writer March 12, 2020

Miles Anderson is a current senior at MHS with a passion for swimming. He started swimming about seven years ago and has loved the sport ever since. Last summer, when Anderson was at his peak, he had an...

High School Then vs Now

High School Then vs Now

Ken Casey, Writer March 12, 2020

Everyone’s life moves at an outrageously fast pace. But, even as life progresses, everyone remembers their high school experience. When looking back at MHS and the change it has undergone over the years,...

Photo of The Scoop ice cream shop in Maritinsville, Indiana

The Scoop Opens

February 27, 2020

March 1st, at 1 P.M., the Inside Scoop will be officially open for business! They will be serving all the favorites with some new monthly additions from 1-9 P.M. Tonight, the “Scoop” will open at...

Senior Trinity Smith posing with her baby bump.

The Life of a Teen Mom

Ken Casey, Writer February 18, 2020

MHS senior Trinity Smith realized that she would have to grow up a lot sooner than expected after she looked down at a positive pregnancy test. Finding out you are pregnant can be scary for anyone...especially...

Students enjoy a fun hands-on lab activity in Mrs. Adam's new Principles of Biomedical Sciences course.

New Classes Bring New Opportunities

Maggie Coffey, Writer January 22, 2020

With about ninety certified faculty members and over seventy-five rooms devoted to the education of students, Martinsville High School offers many academic opportunities to its student body of just under...

Christmas Lights

Holiday Tips and Tricks

Peyton Smith, Writer December 9, 2019

It’s December and you know what that means...the temperatures go down and the green and red decorations go up! It’s the holiday season and ‘tis the season to be stressed. Shopping, family, cooking,...

Red For Ed poster

A Sea of Red

Ken Casey, Writer December 9, 2019

On Tuesday, November 19th, 2019, 20,000 teachers, students, and parents rallied together at the statehouse for the Red for Ed movement. As people flooded towards the statehouse, the view above looked like...

Blizzard Blitz

Blizzard Blitz

Macie Crawmer, Editor December 6, 2019

Ready to run?! Saturday, December 7th, MHS is holding its first annual Blizzard Blitz event. The entry fee is $20, and all proceeds go towards the school’s student fund. If you don’t feel like running,...

Two people walk in the darkness, portraying the dangers of walking alone at night.

How To Stay Safe When Walking Alone

Dylan Archer, Writer December 3, 2019

Walking by yourself, especially at night, can be frightening and even dangerous. It is almost inevitable that at some point, most people will have to walk by themselves. Here are a few tips that will help...

Tree with ornament

Gift Giving for Happier Holidays

Maggie Coffey, Writer December 2, 2019

Some children wake up on Christmas morning to dozens of gifts, while others wake up to grumbling bellies and frozen fingers. There are millions of homeless people in the United States who struggle to provide...

Red For Ed logo

Red For Ed at the Indiana State House

Ken Casey, Writer November 18, 2019

Tomorrow, November 19th, over 14,000 teachers and concerned community members from Indiana will meet at the statehouse to stand up for the #RedForEd movement. Over 80 teachers in the Martinsville school...

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