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Kiki Chandler
Sup...Kiki here or also known as Troy Bolton/Josh Nichols/Henry Williamson to some. I really enjoy cats, sushi, and eating pizza alone on Saturday nights. One night I was craving pancakes so bad that I actually searched images of them and looked through them for a solid 30 minutes. I eat McDonald's way too much, and take way too many naps. I really like my dog, but only because he has one eye. I am 1/2 of SushiBandz. I love Seth Rogen, Leffen,Will Ferrell, and James Franco. I am also the co-editor of Breaking Blue. ~SUBSCRIBE TO KIKIANDPIPER ON YOUTUBE~


P.S. I hate Liz Cheatham.

Kiki Chandler, Online Editor

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Kiki Chandler